Welcome to my company, BKW Enterprises.

What Is BKW Ent? Well, we are an electronic publishing company.

We create customized marketing materials to help you promote your business. We are NOT selling advertising, nor will we try to convince you to buy advertising. Our only focus is on creating the things you use to promote your business.

Now you may be asking what type of things we produce. Keychains, T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs? Nope, however, we can help you by designing the look of a keychain, t-shirt, or even a coffee mug, and so much more.

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BKW Enterprises

Over the last 22 years I created all types of marketing materials, for a vast array of promotions, and companies. I invite you to look through my site, and do not hesitate to call me, or email if you have a question, or a project for me to quote.