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Welcome to BKW Enterprises.

What Is BKW Ent? Well, we are an electronic publishing company.

We create customized marketing materials to help you promote your business. We're NOT selling advertising, we create the media you use to advertise. Our only focus is on creating the things you use to promote your business.

Now you may be asking what type of things we produce. Key-chains, T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs? Nope, however, we can help you by designing the look of a key-chain, t-shirt, or even a coffee mug, and so much more.

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What is Print in the digital millennium? Less expensive than in years past for starters.

But, when you think of print in today’s world, it quickly becomes clear that print no longer confines you to a paper and ink product. In fact, most companies are pushing users to paperless forms of communications. How many times have you download and printed something? Probably a few.

Print Service

A good website starts with the design, and BKW Enterprises has years of experience in design.

Why is design so important? Because you have very little time to impress a user. Some statistics say that in as little as 2 milliseconds, website users will make a choice to stay on your site or go. This becomes very important if your website is a commerce site.

Website Service

Not too long ago having a video on your website was exotic, now it is almost a requirement

A video does not need to be perfect, but it does need to be well done. Some companies use a phone, shoot some video, and think that the message they are communicating will be embraced by the viewer. In short, most times it is not. People watch it to see if it gets any worse, and might even share it as “watch this horrible video”. I doubt that ANY company wants the word “horrible” associated with their business.

Video Services